Mykl Lozin

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Artist in Profile – Mykl Lozin

“Who’s Who in Australia” Qld Recipient for services to the Arts
Multi Award Winning Violinist, Composer and Producer
Two Times “Golden Fiddle Award” winner for composition
as well as Teacher of the Year Aust & NZ

2009 JPF Independent Music Awards USA
Finals Nomination for “Best New Age Song”

He is an artist who paints masterpieces through sound.

The career of Violinist Mykl Lozin is not so much a statement of genius, but rather more a genius of statement. His playing ability never ceases to satisfy his audiences or his on stage peers. He is truly becoming recognized as Australia’s no1 rock violinist who is never shy of blazing a solo that amazes not only the punters but even the most hardened of lead guitarists. Notwithstanding his on stage buddies read like a who’s who in the rock world his performances are as explosive as they are dynamic, quickly moving the listeners into cheers and even the odd tear within the well crafted and memorable phrases.

The passion that pulses through his veins whilst performing is undeniably sensual verging on the surreal. You sense before you Violin mastery immediately. Through his great versatility and deep understanding of the instrument it is amongst all the flashiness that there is a lot of real dedication to the music being created spontaneously right there before you.

His 10 year, 2 lessons a week training, forged his early career entry into the well respected profession as a classical violinist for 15 years. Studying four more years at the Victorian College of the Arts for a degree in solo violin performance plus touring the world with several Symphony Orchestras has given Mykl the finesse, the quality, and the professionalism of performance that many fiddlers still find extremely difficult to reach today. At its peak Mykl was performing more than two hundred concerts a year! From the Sydney Opera House to the famed London Royal Albert Hall, Mykl has traveled the distance with sellout concert tours in Japan, Red China, the UK and Europe as well.

His award winning ability as an eclectic Composer, Master Violin Teacher and dedicated mentor is very well known with several of his students now following in his footsteps on the world stages. It was in January 2005 that Mykl was duly recognized for these two career achievements when winning a Golden Fiddle Award for Best Fiddle Teacher and one for Best Fiddle Composition Aust & NZ.

From years of producing in his recording studio to being a highly respected performer, rarely a day goes by where Mykl isn’t assisting a fellow artist be it a amateur or professional to reach their goals through the combined endeavors of his vast experience and advocacy in their practical applications in the studio and on stage.
With over Thirty years of teaching to his credit across three Australian states Mykl is more than enthused to keep up with the ever changing developments in technology and its benefits in assisting the younger generations to access all forms and styles of music.

From classical ensembles to young upcoming rock bands, Mykl tailors his expertise to best suit the situation.

“The advent of great thought is a new beginning and not a burden to hide from. Through it we manifest our deepest desires to harmoniously bring about the change in one’s life. The responsibility to oneself and the surrounding life forces is paramount in maintaining this balance and sustainability. The ecstasy of life is in its complete expression pure and untainted from narrowness of mind”. – Mykl

As a fully endorsed artist with Epoch Musical Instruments Mykl’s keen interest with pushing the envelope in the latest technologies to help bridge the gap with traditional stringed instruments is clearly evident with his many performances on his signature series EPOCH 5str electric carbon fibre Violin.

“In fact such has been Mykl’s success that he has played a major role in the restoration of the violin, particularly the electric violin, to the forefront of alternative and mainstream music in Australia and around the world”. – Michael Jacobson – Gold Coast Bulletin